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Corgex is one of Singapore’s leading wholesale suppliers to help you take the next steps in sourcing and distributing. We pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of the latest IoT & Security products, supporting the best-in-class hardware, software and services.

We are importers and wholesale distributors of Security system, Internet of things (IoT), Smart Lock, Access control, Video Surveillance, IT, networking, and Optical Fiber lines.

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Allow our customers to order online or over the phone. Our customer service is highly personalised; when you call CORGEX, you connect straight to one of our dedicated experts, who’ll provide you with friendly advice and support for any queries you might have.
If you’re looking for high quality iot products from a supplier that cares about your business, get in touch with CORGEX today.


This model provides a dedicated team that can be established upstream in the relevant sourcing jurisdiction. It is most effective for businesses that already have a dedicated sourcing, buying, quality resource in-house as well as the volume of spend.

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Let us help you turn your R&D into a lean, mean product.

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Inspiration & ideation

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Authorization Distributor

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